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Searching for Patterns in the Chaos...

A "Contact" Livejournal Community

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A community for Carl Sagan's book and film "Contact."

Community Information
This community is dedicated to Carl Sagan's 1985 science fiction novel "Contact" as well as the 1997 film adaptation by director Robert Zemeckis. Here fellow fans may meet and discuss "Contact" and relative subjects-- Members are very much encouraged to introduce themselves, and share thoughts, information, fanfiction, fanart, graphics, scholarly essays, et cetera.
The first and foremost rule of community is to respect all members; be polite and considerate in all posts and comments.
When posting, include a subject heading. Use the tag system: e.g. intro, wallpapers, icons, fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, essay, info, etc.
Regarding graphics, place large images and image collections behind a Livejournal-cut. Give credit to your sources; no hot-linking.
LJ-cuts should also be used on text entries of considerable length, e.g. fanfiction, reactionary posts, etc.
And be sure to enjoy the community!
This community was created and is maintained by babitzka, to whom questions/concerns should be directed.

Journal moodtheme accredited to babitzka; User icons are credited accordingly.