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Carl Sagan Icons

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Jul. 31st, 2009 | 07:56 pm
mood: groggygroggy
posted by: babitzka in project_argus

The website for Carl Sagan is one of my most beautiful pages I've ever visited, from the graphics to the music that plays in the background.
I've made a small set of 100x100 icons featuring some of the said graphics, including an endearing photograph of Carl swimming as a child, which Anne Druyan shared in her December 2006 blog post:

If you use them, do leave a comment, and please credit babitzka. Thank you, and enjoy!
Cross-posted to my personal journal, as well as saganliveson.

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(no subject)

from: inprivatelife
date: Mar. 2nd, 2010 06:11 am (UTC)

I took one of these...okay 2... :)

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from: mccahillke
date: Nov. 1st, 2011 02:29 am (UTC)

Good dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

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